One of the things I love the most about being latina, it’s our culture.

I love our music, our comida and our fiestas! Hello reggeton and salsa!

Also, I love how fierce and passionate latina women are, and that’s why I genuinely enjoy supporting latina owned business.

Vive Cosmetics is one of them. This brand was created by two women who wanted to share and celebrate our amazing culture with the world.

I tried the Cremosa Matte lipsticks and honestly, they had been one of my favorite lipsticks ever.

One problem with matte lipsticks, in general, is that they tend to make the lips dry, however, these lippies kept my lips hydrated and it wasn’t uncomfortable at all. Extra points for that!

In my photos I have the Candela shade, which is a warm red/orange. It’s ideal to make a statement on your makeup, like I did. I upgraded a simple ponytail and white blouse with bold lips and my beloved lashes

Their price is medium range, they are $17.00, but totally worthy! I swear I felt like Selena Quintanilla after doing my makeup! hahaha

Are you thinking of trying them?

Let me know!