Hey there!

It’s been a while since I post on my blog (let’s just say I got inhibited for a bit and life got reaaaallyyy crazy!) but I’m back because blogging makes me feel like myself.

I can’t believe this year is almost gone, like woahhh it was January like three days ago, and now we’re around 20 days away for this year to end.

On today’s post I wanted to share with you two makeup looks inspired on the “naughty or nice” vibe, doing one look with nude colors and another one with the coolest red lipstick from one of my favorite brands, Maybelline.


For this look, I wanted to use nude colors and a lot of highlighter. For my eyes I used beige and brown on my lids and orange on my crease. I didn’t add eyeliner, but I added fake lashes to make my eyes pop. Also, I wore my favorite bandana (this chunky kind are really on trend) and pearls, because of course, good girls wear pearls.



For the naughty look, I wanted a sexy vibe and what is sexier than red lips and a perfect pout? Since I had red lips, I kept the rest of the look simple, but to make it bolder, I added a winged eye-liner in black (it was a small wing since we want to keep it classy and sexy, not trashy). Also, I made sure my nose was perfectly contoured, so I could get the cute little button nose, or as I call it, “nariz de gomita” (gummy nose lol).

What’s your favorite look? Share with me!